Premium broadcasting is suitable for your private premium content. You demand a powerful and low cost CDN network to deliver your content to thousands of users. We provide the servers, tools and the network for you to accomplish this goal.

Features of Premium broadcasting:

1. Domain protection: nobody can steal your content. It is protected and secured.

2. Dedicated bandwidth: we guarantee to deliver exactly what you purchased. The bandwidth is not shared with any other regular broadcasters.

3. No ads, or your own ads: if you request, you will be able to place ads on the player. Currently we support 300x250 banner in the middle and 468x60 banner in the footer. The CTR for those ads are extremely high, at least 1.5% through our testing. If you have Google Adsense, this will generate lots of cash for you.

Package starts from $350/month for a dedicated 1Gbps bandwidth. You can buy 5Gbps or 10Gbps with no problem. Contact us at to start broadcasting today